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A lullaby is a magic ritual that takes you sweetly from wakefullness to sleep and our cozy rooms will likewise take you on a warm, emotional journey into our passions: books, travels and rock & roll

The Rock room

"If I hadn't heard rock & roll on the radio, I would have had no idea there was life on this planet"

L. Reed

The Travel room

"The journey not the arrival matters"

T. S. Eliot

The Book room

"I cannot sleep unless I am surrounded by books"

J. L. Borges

Why the name Lullaby?

Because we can tell the story of our rooms in one word. A lullaby is a journey from wakefulness to sleep, it is the title of many books ("Lullaby" by Palahniuk, for example) and of many rock - and non rock - songs (The Cure, Brahms, Nickelback, Cohen ...)

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